DICE. digitizes and automates your Internal Control System

DICE. is scalable and future-proof. The next-generation solution uses blockchain technology for internal control systems providing effective and efficient controls while increasing visibility and security.

Automated controls and digital approval processes eliminate human effort or errors reducing operational expenditures and risks for required internal control systems. DICE. solution provides preventive controls to avoid errors within critical business processes, as well as automated detective controls to find and correct errors in real- time.

DICE. can be easily integrated into existing enterprise software.

Dice. ID Illustration
DICE. Identity

Simple approvals for preventive controls

The DICE.Identity iOS/Android app enables smart approval workflows in connection with digital signatures using your smartphone. DICE.Identity can be integrated in various Enterprise Software Systems and can bundle several approval processes in one easy-to-use application.

Design your approval workflows via our no-code platform and guarantee the integrity of your processes by managing roles and access in a decentralized way. DICE.Identity generates tamper-proof documentation for every approval process.

Dice. ID Illustration
DICE. Controls

Automated operating effectiveness testing for detective controls

The DICE.Controls web platform allows user-friendly detective controls to be designed, implemented, and monitored. All of which requires little to no effort by control owners and auditors. Integrate several data sources and automate your control activities.

Our control bots perform your manual tasks and notify you as internal controls manager in real time about any deviations from predefined processes. We generate tamper-proof documentation for every control execution. Our dashboard provides you with detailed insights into the compliance of your processes.

DICE. Technology

Absolute security for our customers' stakeholders

Thanks to the properties of distributed ledger technology and state-of-the-art encryption methods, data integrity can be easily proven to third parties at any time.

Thus, we not only comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but also maximize your data security and protect sensitive information.

DICE. value

The proposition at a glance

Holistic approach to automating internal controls
Extensive control of internal processes
Tamper-proof and automated documentation
Scalable assurance and controls to decrease risks
Cost reduction of up to 75 percent
Continuous Audit due to the automated controls
Increased data security
Reduced effort for external auditing due to targeted data transfer
Technology of the future

Serverless control execution based on blockchain

Easily reap the benefits of the Ethereum blockchain, such as timestamping and immutability, without having to deal with encryption, signatures and wallets.

Blockchain tracing enables tamperproof documentation of your whole company's internal control system - from data inputs to control definitions and executions - and lays the foundation for continuous data assurance.

Thanks to cutting-edge encryption methods and hashing mechanisms, we comply with the highest data privacy standards such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and protect your sensitive information.

DICE. is a cloud-based SaaS application that integrates with your data sources, monitors changes therein and automatically performs specified control activities.

Use our pre-built control modules, design your own automated controls system on our no-code platform, or write the control logic yourself in your preferred language (e.g. Node.js, Python,...).

Leverage the cloud to scale your internal control system at will, without the need to add and orchestrate new servers, and always use the latest version and features of DICE.

Use Cases

See how our customers modernize their internal control system
and deliver next‑gen audit automation

Use Case

Indirect Purchases

Approvals for office supplies are often tedious and too bureaucratic. Especially when the amounts involved are relatively small. With the DICE.ID app, has.to.be creates easy-to-use approvals for managers in order to give employees digital approvals as quickly as possible, in a secure and transparent manner.

Use Case

Credit notes

Oftentimes, obtaining approvals for credit notes is a lengthy and undocumented process. Above all, they are difficult to reconcile. DICE. enables Goldwelt to shorten lead times, full transparency and maximum security in order to avoid misuse of credits, price reductions and volume discounts.

Use Case

Capital assets

Capital asset requests are formalisms that are often necessary after an investment decision has already been made. In this case, the policy requires up to 12 signatories, depending on the amount. With DICE. lead times could be drastically reduced and the detective control could be automated for full transparency.

Choose your DICE. Package

DICE. Starter

The essentials to provide you with the full DICE. functionality.

  • Pay-per-control
  • Unlimited User Licences
  • 3 Management Licences
  • 3 Legal Entities
  • API Integration
  • Mobile App
  • Data Storage & Maintenance
  • Support extra (price per hour)

DICE. Advanced

The best option for your growing business with 3 fitting bundles.

  • Bundle (up to 50/300/1000 controls)
  • Unlimited User Licences
  • Unlimited Management Licences
  • Unlimited Entities
  • API Integration
  • Mobile App
  • Data Storage & Maintenance
  • incl. 3 days support/year

DICE. Pro Unlimited

Unlimited controls and extended support for your corporate environment.

  • Unlimited controls
  • Unlimited User Licences
  • Unlimited Management Licences
  • Unlimited Entities
  • API Integration
  • Mobile App
  • Data Storage & Maintenance
  • incl. 12 days support/year
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