Use Cases

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Use Case

Indirect Purchases

Approvals for office supplies are often tedious and too bureaucratic. Especially when the amounts involved are relatively small. With the DICE.ID app, creates easy-to-use approvals for managers in order to give employees digital approvals as quickly as possible, in a secure and transparent manner.

Use Case

Credit notes

Oftentimes, obtaining approvals for credit notes is a lengthy and undocumented process. Above all, they are difficult to reconcile. DICE. enables Goldwelt to shorten lead times, full transparency and maximum security in order to avoid misuse of credits, price reductions and volume discounts.

Use Case

Capital assets

Capital asset requests are formalisms that are often necessary after an investment decision has already been made. In this case, the policy requires up to 12 signatories, depending on the amount. With DICE. lead times could be drastically reduced and the detective control could be automated for full transparency.